The Biggies

When my head starts getting lost in the clouds, as is often the case, I turn to my big dreams to focus and ground me. It might sound counterintuitive, but tapping into my heart’s desires helps me to forge a path and understand the necessary effort to get there. Here is my current dream board:

  • Live on a farm in Europe

  • Love my body, care for my body

  • Hunt for mushrooms every year

  • Learn to play the guitar

  • Sing songs to my children

  • Summers at the seaside

  • Have more babies

  • Have more puppies

  • Grow great food

  • Find a way to slow time down

Doesn’t seem like too much to strive for, does it? The wheels are in motion.



One: Last weekend I got to explore a part of Slovenia I'd never been to. I couldn't believe it was the same country. There were very few mountains and hills, and a lot of forested land that looked so easy to get lost in. It was so beautiful in it's own unique way. I'd never seen a landscape like that before. More on this soon...

Two: I'm craving bold and bright colors lately, likely because everything is a bit muted. This is my first REAL winter experience, and I now understand why everybody here loves summer so much. I'm itching for blossoms and fruit and green grass. But still looking for the beauty around me while the land begins to wake up for spring. 

Have a great weekend!
Thanks for being here.



One: My mother-in-law grabbed a couple of branches of wild blueberry in the forest near our house and said something in Bosnian  about how sticking them in a vase of water would result in little white flowers. I didn't believe her. I was wrong. And I'm okay with it.

Two: We thought the snow was done for the year but it surprised us and showed up again yesterday. Odin is thrilled and I'm not sure how I feel. I know I'm going to regret saying this in a few months when the flies and mosquitoes have their way with me, but I can't wait for the hot, sticky, humid summer.

Oh, also, it's my 28th birthday today.
And it was Damir's 27th birthday two days ago.
Happy birthday to us, lover.
I'd say we're starting to grow up, finally. 



Oh the places I've been...

I've had my travels on my mind recently. Likely because I'm getting ready for another trip next week to Slovenia to see my man (who has been gone for a month already!) and to experience the country during a season other than sweaty summertime. While I dream regularly about all the places I'd like to visit, I have to admit, I've already been to some pretty amazing places in the past few years. And so I thought I'd share some of my favorite travel photos from the past few years because...well, why not?

A rural Bosnian town where some of my in-laws live. I'm always affected by the simplicity of life here.

Gorgeous striped mountains driving through Bosnia on our way to Croatia.

Paris. Always. No explanation needed.

The Soca River in Slovenia. Not to be missed if you're planning a trip through Europe. Though, I will warn you, rafting can be painful. The crystal clear, cold, sweet water is worth it though.

The Slovenian countryside. It's untouched and stunning. Especially during Summer storms.

The Turkish sea and a life-changing Turkish sunset. The perfect honeymoon, especially when accompanied by good food and great wine.




And yet, some of my favorite photos are those taken right in my own back yard. Marin is one of the most beautiful places I've been with so many different elements to experience.

That Beautiful City By The Bay

On a walk the other day around my sweet neighborhood (filled with blossoms) I noticed little spaces in between homes and trees where the city of San Francisco was fully visible. It made such a statement and reminded me of how lucky I am to be living this life of mine.

DSC_5861 copy

DSC_5853 copy


I love the way these shots turned out. It kind of depicts how I feel about living in Marin. We get the beauty and the energy of the city, which is only ten minutes way by car or 25 by ferry boat, but we're a little bit removed from the hustle and bustle. I love this life we've set up here.

In fact, I've decided to share more of this part of the world that we live in. The area just north of the Golden Gate Bridge has so much to offer. It's full of good food, beautiful nature, cool companies, and so much more. So as I explore it and discover new things, so shall you. Stay tuned for more bits and pieces of Marin County!

Shot in Sausalito, California