What a Difference 3.5 years makes...


When I became a mother it was like a curtain dropped separating my old life from my new life. A friend of mine warned me about that while I was pregnant. I can’t remember much of how my day to day was or what I thought about and worried about most of the time. I really don’t remember what I did on Saturdays. Did I sleep until whenever? Was it quiet? No idea.

I am thankful to have this history of myself and my mind captured forever in the form of this blog. It helps me to link back to that former person, pre-motherhood. So I’m going to start writing here again. As well as on Minna x Bug. Believe me when I say I desperately need it.

And because who knows where in the world I’ll be in the next 3.5 years?

Christmas Tree | 2015

I'm actually pretty proud of us for managing to get a tree up this year. We had to be creative and use a large green round glass jug from our basement as a "stand". We filled it with water so A.) the tree wouldn't dry up so quickly and B.) so that the whole apparatus wouldn't tip over. Our fingers are crossed that our crazy little mister Loki doesn't figure out how to get up onto the stand and take down the whole tree. But luckily we only have a few days until Christmas so maybe we're in the clear? I don't know. I may have just jinxed it all. But still, we did it. We put up a tree. We're so festive and cute. Last year we were SO not in the mood what with all the stress of moving and just other stress in general. So this feels like a pretty sweet accomplishment. 

I've been pretty terrible about blogging, I know that — I do miss it sometimes. I don't miss the anxiety that comes with people knowing my business, but I do miss the act of putting together posts that mean something to me, and sharing them with people. But I keep reminding myself I can still put together meaningful and creative posts without letting the whole damn world in. So hopefully I'll get back on track with all of that soon. Maybe with the holidays I'll feel more inspired to record some more memories here. :)

Merry Christmas! And here's to the rest of 2015!

Just A Few More Days

Damir comes home on Thursday. I'm so grateful. These separations don't get easier, even though living here means that he's only gone for 3 weeks instead of 3 months. I don't want to sound like a whiner, but 3 weeks here somehow feels longer than 3 months in America. Obviously because I don't have my family, friends, job, school, distractions to help pass the time, so I am literally just waiting for him to come home and cleaning a lot of animal poop (I can't even explain). Anyways, without getting into too much detail, this training trip has been especially hard on me and I'm ready for it to be done! Thankfully it is almost over, though the last few days always seem the slowest. Come on home, Damir.

But here are a few pictures from the last week.

I woke up for my morning run the other morning only to step outside and see we had been graced with our first frost! It almost felt like snow. Almost. I can't wait for snow. Anyway, running in 30 degree weather is the best. It's so refreshing and it works like a nice cup of coffee. I'm still not a great runner by any means, but I figure if I get in 2 miles 3 or so times a week, I can feel pretty good about that. 

I've actually started to plan and schedule my days out by the hour in order to try and be as serious about my MCAT studying as I can. Scheduling in workouts and breaks helps. To be honest, it feels sort of silly to follow such a rigid schedule when I have all the time in the world (and I do feel guilty about having all the time in the world), but it seems to help me not to lose my days to checking Facebook or reading Buzzfeed or watching shows that I've already seen a hundred times. And even though I still have a huge pit in my stomach when I think of medical school — because I am really terrified and borderline convinced that I'm not going to get in anywhere — I'm still going to study for this test and take it to the best of my ability. Whatever happens after that is what it is. Also, I deleted my Facebook again. I think that makes it like 5-6 times I've deleted it, which makes me feel sort of manic. I reactivated it when I moved here to have some ability to communicate with friends, and I've actually enjoyed it, but with all the negativity I'm currently feeling about various things (cats, relationships, swimming, medicine), it's best for me to keep away from it. I always like life better without Facebook. 

And then there's these two. They are so freaking cute, it hurts. And even though I'm pretty sure both have some kind of a parasite which means I am cleaning up barf and poop all day everyday, I don't know what I would do without them. I am so, so, so grateful to these two for their love and cuddles and for keeping me company on these cold nights.

I'm off to take Odin for a quick walk in the woods!

Have a good one. :)