What a Difference 3.5 years makes...


When I became a mother it was like a curtain dropped separating my old life from my new life. A friend of mine warned me about that while I was pregnant. I can’t remember much of how my day to day was or what I thought about and worried about most of the time. I really don’t remember what I did on Saturdays. Did I sleep until whenever? Was it quiet? No idea.

I am thankful to have this history of myself and my mind captured forever in the form of this blog. It helps me to link back to that former person, pre-motherhood. So I’m going to start writing here again. As well as on Minna x Bug. Believe me when I say I desperately need it.

And because who knows where in the world I’ll be in the next 3.5 years?

Goals & Resolutions | 2016



Truly make this a priority. I did a pretty good job last year keeping myself healthy and active, but there is still room for improvement, especially when it comes to consistency. Do at least one of these things daily: run, hike, yoga, strength train.

Food & Drink
Continue weekday vegetarianism. It has worked so well for me as a lifestyle and I feel so much better about how I'm impacting the world. Also try to stick to a healthier more vitamin and nutrient-filled diet. Drink less alcohol. Drink more water. Much more water.

5+ days a week. Commit to a solid study plan and take the MCAT in Spring. Get letters of recommendation. 

Stop nail biting and picking. Floss twice daily. Get on a skin care regimen. Take pride in appearance. Don't be ashamed to put effort in.

Do the KonMari method and get rid of STUFF. Learn to be happy with less. Keep dishes done, cat litter clean, laundry washed — don't stress over these things, just do them happily.

Be more thoughtful. Try to do things for others just because: birthday cards, baked goods, kind gestures. These things go a long way.

Get a paying job. Print and frame wedding photos. Make time for hobbies. Less binge-watching of shows. 

The Holidays + Preparing for the New Year

Christmas came and went and I'm pretty proud of what we were able to pull off over here. We cooked a big dinner with some of the staples that we make every year. We had to search high and low for the right cheddar cheese and for the ingredients for manhattans, but we pulled it off. It was sweet and fun. I missed my family more than I want to admit, but I managed to pull off a pretty festive attitude.

Damir and I have been talking a lot about our resolutions for next year and we both agree there are a lot of areas we need to improve on. But we also agreed that in order for us to actually succeed at improving in those areas, we need to start NOW. Like TODAY. Not January 1st, because that's just another way to put things off. So we're trying to sail into the new year with our resolutions already being enacted. I'll post a list next with what I'm resolving to do. But for right this moment, these two pictures show us in action - we took a nice long walk yesterday with our pup through the forest and wound up on a beautiful field with a view of the mountain Peca, and I actually went for a run this morning with the little guy. He's the best running buddy in the world. 

I'm excited for this next year. I've learned and grown and changed and been challenged in so many ways in 2015, but there's something that feels rather final about 2016. Like it's the end of a chapter. I'm looking forward to the next phase. 

Christmas Tree | 2015

I'm actually pretty proud of us for managing to get a tree up this year. We had to be creative and use a large green round glass jug from our basement as a "stand". We filled it with water so A.) the tree wouldn't dry up so quickly and B.) so that the whole apparatus wouldn't tip over. Our fingers are crossed that our crazy little mister Loki doesn't figure out how to get up onto the stand and take down the whole tree. But luckily we only have a few days until Christmas so maybe we're in the clear? I don't know. I may have just jinxed it all. But still, we did it. We put up a tree. We're so festive and cute. Last year we were SO not in the mood what with all the stress of moving and just other stress in general. So this feels like a pretty sweet accomplishment. 

I've been pretty terrible about blogging, I know that — I do miss it sometimes. I don't miss the anxiety that comes with people knowing my business, but I do miss the act of putting together posts that mean something to me, and sharing them with people. But I keep reminding myself I can still put together meaningful and creative posts without letting the whole damn world in. So hopefully I'll get back on track with all of that soon. Maybe with the holidays I'll feel more inspired to record some more memories here. :)

Merry Christmas! And here's to the rest of 2015!

Future Home — Interior Vibe

In an effort to move forward from whatever bad feelings are running through my body right now, I'm going to focus on the future... on my future home with my future job and my future family (comprised of my current family plus a couple more fur and real babies, I hope). So I'm going to focus on designing my home.

I browsed West Elm for a while this afternoon and picked a few of the pieces I'm liking to sort of set up a mood board for the interior of our home. Deep down I know these things don't matter, especially given what is going on in the world but they definitely help to take some of the edge off.