Are You Sick of Mushrooms Yet? Because I'm Not!

It's ok. I totally get it if you are. Especially if you follow me on Instagram as well. But the season is almost over and mushroom hunting is something I've wanted to do for as long as I can remember. For the past few nights I've found myself dreaming of finding these precious babies — almost like when you play too many video or computer games. We're going to hunt a bit more next week and then call it a season. We already have 3 jars of dried porcinis (the mushroom above), which should be enough for any sane person, but I can't help myself and I want to find more! It's just so fun. Odin is loving it of course because it means lots of extra off-leash forest time, and seeing him that happy feels pretty great. 

This weekend we're off to Germany for a night to visit Damir's sister. We've got a 6 hour drive ahead of us but it's always fun to road trip through Europe. The gas stations have the best goodies! And I use it as an excuse to treat myself.

I'm making an extra effort in the coming days/weeks/months to bring out my real camera and snap pictures because truly, the quality makes a huge difference on this somewhat neglected blog (when am I going to get it together here???). But for now, here are some pictures of our most recent mushroom-venture!

That face above — can you even handle it? I can't. Side note/rant: I've been getting increasing pressure recently to start popping out kids and to stop thinking of my animals as my babies, but like, that's just never going to happen. The way I see it is my creatures are very much members of our family and deserve as much of my maternal love as I've got. Babies will come when they come and I'm sure I'll explode with love for them. But this guy and Loki are here now. You know?

*** Also I want to add something sort of important — it's really, really, really, important that you know what you're doing when you go mushroom hunting. Different areas have different varieties, some of which can easily be confused with one another. Damir has been picking chanterelles, porcinis, and the big parasol mushroom seen above for his whole life so I feel confident going with him. And when we're not 110% sure about a specific fungus, we don't pick it, or we check with local mushroom experts. It can be a risky hobby, but if you stick to what you know, you'll probably be ok. And one more thing, I think a great birthday or holiday gift would be a mushroom foraging course in whatever area you live in. It really is a lot of fun and worth learning to do it the right way. ***